11-Plus Tuition Programme

A tailored approach for each year & exam group, for £150/month


11-Plus Tuition is a learning programme designed to help year 3, 4, and 5 children be ’11-Plus Ready’. We foster a positive and encouraging online learning environment, balancing digital learning tools and small group tuition.

How it works

Whether joining in year 3, 4 or 5, our tutors help children develop skills for life, practice exam technique, stay motivated and give parents regular insights and updates on their readiness and suitability for the eleven-plus examination. There are up to three children in each session.

children at the tuition centre in North Finchley

Our 11-Plus tuition sessions run Monday to Saturday, with personalised sessions available at 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm, and 5:30pm. Earlier timeslots may be available upon request.

Each session consists of an interactive warm up activity, individually tailored assignments, regular teaching and a homework task.

Our tutors utilise engaging videos and educational games combined with traditional teaching methods to deliver high quality online lessons.

Through interactive whiteboards, online educational content, online collaboration software and our friendly team, we make lessons enjoyable and rewarding. 

Our 11-Plus Tuition membership plans

  • Early Access
  • Two Tutor Sessions Per Week
  •  Access 6 Days Per Week
  • Monthly Progress Reports 
  • Early Suitability Assessment
  • Two Tutor Sessions Per Week
  •  Access 6 Days Per Week
  • Monthly Progress Reports 
  • Exam Technique Practice
  • Two Tutor Sessions Per Week
  •  Access 6 Days Per Week
  • Monthly Progress Reports & Parents Evening

Our memberships start with a taster session and continue at £150 £75/month.

Start by booking your 11-Plus Tuition taster session below.

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Fill in the form and tell us what date and time you would like to book your free session. We will get in touch to confirm your booking. 


What happens during your free taster session? 

During the 75-minute session one of our lead tutors will complete an initial assessment and observation with your child to get a sense of their current educational progress and learning style. Your child will then join a small tuition group for opportunity to experience a regular session at the club. Find out more about the taster session and our centre here