What we're about

Our ethos is rooted in fuelling your child’s ambition and learning aspirations to develop a consistent ‘desire for continuous learning’. We do this through a praise-based, blended learning where your child will be challenged, recognised and rewarded, as well as having great fun in our state-of the-art centre.

What you can expect from us

In addition to focusing on academic achievement, we embrace a more rounded and robust approach to assessing your child’s needs when you join us. This assessment enables us to adjust the session content, delivery style and child-tutor communication in a way that is tailored to your child’s optimum learning style.

What we provide

We provide interactive tuition in Maths and English for small groups of primary aged children.  Our affordable and modern tuition sessions are delivered by our qualified and experienced tutors, who are passionate about education.

Based on the UK national curriculum, our tuition sessions combine both leading edge technology and physical learning tools within an inspiring environment to ensure your child receives the maximum value from their tuition experience.

What our members say...

“Learning is the best thing about the Club” – Year 6 girl
“Alex is my favourite tutor because he makes everything interesting” – Year 6 boy
“All the tutors make me feel welcome. They make every lesson fun” – Year 3 girl
“I enjoy every single lesson” – Year 3 girl
“Tom is my favourite tutor because he is funny” – Year 3 girl
“I feel more confident during my lessons at school” – Year 5 boy
“The best thing about inTuition Clubs is the Clubhouse” – Year 4 boy
“Sarah is my favourite tutor because she is really fun” – Year 3 girl
“My child looks forward to coming to the Club and now feels more confident at school” – Parent of a Year 6 boy
“My child has settled in quickly and is showing an increased enthusiasm in learning” – Parent of a Year 3 girl