10 things to do with your children over Easter Break
April 7, 2022
Parent and toddler having a discussion about dinner

Are you wondering how to keep the kids busy during Easter break? Well, not to worry. There are plenty of things to do in London or even at the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re trying to get your kids off their screens and out of the house or spend quality time indoors, we have included a variety of options for you to choose from, so read on! As we have complied a list, here in this blog, of all the different, fun activities to entertain the kids this Easter.

London Activities

1. Science Activity Camp

The Mother Nature Holiday Camp is perfect for children who have a passion for science. Not only is the camp filled with huge amounts of fun activities, both indoor and outdoor, but it is also educational. This camp will be sure to light a spark for any budding scientists!

It is open to children between the ages of 5 and 12. To find out more, click here.


2. Theatre

Why not book a trip to the theatre? It makes a fun day out to the West End, and the kids can see some of their favourite stories all on the big stage. Classics such as Matilda, Harry Potter and the Lion King are only some of the fantastic options you can choose from!

3. City Cruise

Do you, your child and your family love being by the water? Then this option might be right for you! Travel around London and view the countless attractions and landmarks all via City Cruise.

City Cruises is doing a special Easter Holiday family deal where up to 3 kids go free with 2 paying adults.

Natural History Museum

4. Museums

There’s an abundance of museums to choose from in London. Here we have named a few which we think are great for kids. Another perk is that many museums have free entry, and have a bunch of interactive activities, too!

  • The British Museum, which exhibits an exclusive collection of artifacts from across the globe, is also home to the digital discovery center, which is always a winner with the children.
  • In the Natural History Museum, kids can even meet a roaring T-rex and learn about animals and life on Earth.
  • Kids can discover more about London’s transport history in the London Transport Museum and partake in live demonstrations.
Lima from London Zoo

If your child is an animal lover, you’d be seriously missing out without an amazing trip to either one of these famous attractions. Guided tours are available too, if you want more of an educational addition to what would already be an exciting day out.

6. 4D Cinema in Enfield

Have you ever wanted to be inside the world of a film, feeling a part of the story unfolding in front of you? Step up your cinema experience and head up to Enfield cinema for a 4D cinematic experience!

Go Ape high ropes

7. Go Ape

This is a great option if your kids are particularly active and love trying new things! This is a fantastic outdoor activity that allows kids to try out different rope courses which are available for each age group.

8. Mini Golf

Mini golf is a great activity no matter what age group. It is fun, mentally, and physically engaging so if your children have a competitive spirit, this might be the perfect choice! Fortunately, there are many places around London that have indoor and outdoor golf courses so they will certainly be a place for you.

9. The Planetarium

Situated right by the Royal Observatory, The Planetarium is the perfect spot to take any budding astronomers. A real Astronomer from the Royal Observatory even acts as a tour guide for groups, how exciting!

10. Meet real-life dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park

London is lucky enough to have not one, but two, mainstream dinosaur-related activities. Take the day trip to Crystal Palace Park, which is home to several different dinosaur statues which have stood since the Victorian era! The park also has a farm, a playground, and an outdoor concert stage! A well-rounded day out for the family and kids.

11. Ice-skating

Alexandra Palace in North London is an iconic destination to visit; there is a huge ice rink and a café. Not to mention, stunning skyline view of London.

12. Sobell Leisure Centre

This leisure centre has many different activities on offer you can choose from! They have a trampoline park, ice-skating rink, soft play area, swimming pool, and badminton court too!

Indoor activities

Easter egg hunt

1. Easter Egg Hunt

A traditional Easter egg hunt is always fun to organise around the home and garden, especially during this time. If you need some inspiration, or some tips on how to create one, Google and Pinterest has some simple, yet unique ideas.

Family playing a board game on the floor

2. Board Games

Bring out the board games for a classic night of fun for the family and kids. Whether it be Monopoly, Uno or Clue, there’s always a game that the whole family can get involved in. So, let’s play!

3. Get Crafty

There are thousands of cool crafts that you can try with your children over the half term. For example, you can make a bird feeder, fake snow, Easter eggs, a fluffy bunny collage or even slime! Check our Instagram account @intuitionclubs for some more crafty inspiration!

Family baking together

4. Baking

There’s nothing more rewarding than teaching your child a new skill and if you happen to end up with a batch of delicious cookies at the end of it – it’s a win-win situation for all! Cooking with your kids teaches them lifelong skills and a bit of chemistry too! It is also a great way to have some family fun in the kitchen together! Have you tried our pancake recipe yet?

5. Magic! Learn a trick or two!

Learn Magic together! Everyone loves a good magic trick, and you can visit this easy guide to get started. The kids will love showing off their new magic skills when they go back to school. A sleight of hand or a disappearing coin trick is sure to impress!

Family gardening

6. Family Gardening

Gardening has been one of the most long standing, relaxing and peaceful pastimes. It is educational, affordable and a great activity for all!

7. Watch a movie at home

You don’t always have to go to the cinema to enjoy a film with your family. Put on your family’s favourite film, make some popcorn, and get some snacks! Who doesn’t love movie night?

You could even recreate a drive-in movie cinema, with these super easy instructions:

Step 1: Find a large cardboard box. Cut a square out of the box but leave about a third behind for the hood.

Step 2: Paint four paper plates black and silver for the wheels; set aside to dry. Use non-toxic acrylic paint to transform the cardboard into a shiny new car.

Step 3: Once the paint has dried, attach the wheels with glue. Let each kid use markers or paint to add to their own creations, for example, cute details like headlights., racing stripes and license plates. Attach a basket for treats using bulldog clips.


Family enjoying a puzzle outside

8. Puzzles

Make use of kids’ creative and problem-solving skills with a good puzzle. You can find this in any toy store or online. If you are feeling creative you can also make your own! Your children can draw a picture on a sturdy piece of cardboard, puzzle pieces can then be traced on the drawing and cut out to make their own puzzle game!

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