5 Steps to Create a Perfect Learning Space at Home
July 9, 2020
Parent and toddler having a discussion about dinner

We all know that inside schools there are many colourful displays, posters and infographics to help the children learn, but what about when they are learning online?

Believe it or not, creating a space for your child’s online learning can create a positive impact on their learning too.

Here are 5 tips on how to create a perfect home classroom.

1. Have a dedicated learning corner (or space)

Dedicating a specific quiet area for your child to study will help your child relate the space with concentration and study which in-turn will help create a positive learning routine.

2. Make sure the space is quiet (without distractions)

Dogs barking, children screaming and lawnmowers growling aside, these noises would be highly distracting in the classroom, learning online is just the same! We understand that sometimes this might be difficult but can be remedied by buying earphones for your child to help them concentrate.

3. Don’t help too much!

Getting it wrong is part of the journey and everything is wrong before it’s right, that’s how we learn! When your child is learning at home it can be difficult to not help when they are confused or do not understand a question. Don’t worry – that’s what we are here for! Our dedicated team of tutors will be able to help your child and by letting them get used to asking a teacher for help, this will help them get into a positive routine when needing help at school!

4. Eat before class!

Munching chocolate might be incredibly tasty but it can definitely make a mess of your workbook! Just like at school, try to eat before the class and after to recharge. Eating during class can create distractions and a lot of mess.

5. Always have a pen and paper at hand

Working out your answer might not get you the correct answer, but you still get marks for your working out! Encouraging your child to use a pen/pencil and paper to investigate questions can not only create a positive learning routine but can also identify places of strength and weakness. Whether you are drawing a pie chart, writing a story or working out X in algebra, working out your answer is always the best first step.

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