Benefits of Small Group Tuition
January 20, 2020

As far as learning goes, we all do it differently. There are those who are confident and those who are not. There are those who are better in a group environment and those are better on a one-to-one basis. Different things work for different people but what are the benefits of small group tuition?

It Creates a Collaborative Environment

Students enjoy engaging in activities

Most students enjoy working together and that is why small group tuition is highly effective. It enables students to engage with others while learning together, helping to develop confidence and competencies.

Group tuition is practical

In a standard classroom environment of around 30 pupils, it is challenging for the teacher to give as much attention as possible to those who need it. What’s more, there are those who learn at different rates and all of this can lead to a different learning experience. However, small groups of around two to six pupils will enable them to receive more attention from the tutor. This helps them to learn more effectively while also having the chance to interact with others.

It teaches children to work with others

While individual tuition is highly effective, it also removes the ability to work with others and so, small group tuition almost brings with it the best of both worlds. Pupils will have the opportunity to speak, listen, work in pair and benefit from tailored teaching methods than enhance the learning experience.

It Can Avoid Mixed Abilities and Styles

Again, in a large classroom, it is common to have a variety of pupils who are receptive to different learning styles, not forgetting the different abilities. Some pupils prefer a hands-on approach to learning while there are those who might be more visual.

There are those who might be better at a certain aspect of a subject than those but when it comes to small group tuition, this is not the case. This is because it makes it possible for tutors to place pupils with others who work on the same level and have the same ability. They can also bring pupils together who have the same learning style.

Some Pupils Respond to a Group Environment

There are pupils who thrive from working and learning in a small group. Often, a one-to-one environment is too intimate for some and so, they do not get as much from the experience as possible. What this means is that they are far more receptive to a group learning experience. There are those who thrive from problem-solving and working with others. What’s more, there are those who also like the challenge of going up against other pupils when it comes to finding answers.

Small group tuition is somewhere between one-to-one tuition and a classroom environment. Children can gain more from small group tuition as the learning experience is more tailored to their specific need.

At inTuition Clubs we focus on academic achievement as well as on embracing a more rounded and robust approach to assessing children’s need. We use praise-based, blended learning where children are challenged, recognised and rewarded. Aligned with the UK national curriculum, our tuition sessions combine leading edge technology and physical learning tools within an inspiring, fun environment.

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