How to Get Your Child Excited About Reading
January 20, 2020

Learning to read is one of the most important aspects in the development of a child. When they learn to read, it enables them to move through life while having the ability to undertake a range of tasks. It is a skill that is vital to all of us but still when it comes to learning to read, it is vital that we ensure we keep things exciting for them.

To children, learning to read is something that they can lose interest in especially when they are easily distracted by other things. However, when it comes to learning to read, there is a lot that we can do to make sure that they enjoy it and can get excited about it. Once the excitement is there, they will want to continue their learning experience while getting as much from it as possible.

So, how do you get your child excited about reading?

Make it part of their routine

Children respond well to routine, even if at first it takes time to get them into that routine. Whether it is having bath time at the same time each day or putting them to bed, the routine provides structure and gives them an understanding of what is expected of them and the same can be said for reading.

Whether you schedule reading in before they go to bed or after they have had food, making them aware of the fact that reading has to be done each day will get them excited about it. When they know that they have time set aside for it, they will understand that it is time for them to show off how well they can read and how they have progressed.

Create a Reading Area

Children love the idea of having a secret or special place in which they can do things. Look at the way in which children love building dens and use that excitement by creating a special reading area. You can put bean bags on the floor, even create a cosy corner in their bedroom with a roof where you can read in privacy and in secrecy.

They will love the chance to hide themselves away with you each day, making the experience exciting and an adventure at the same time!

Create Regular Read Aloud Time

Children respond well to hearing things and they often absorb a lot of what they hear which is why it is important that you add read-aloud time to your reading schedule. This kind of reading enables you. Research has found that children who are read books by someone who loves reading will also develop a passion for books and reading. Read-aloud time will inspire children to learn and enhance their reading while it also shows them the joy that they can get from reading. 

All of this will increase their excitement of reading and will help them to benefit from every second they spend reading books.

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