Fun activities for your kids this summer
June 24, 2022
Parent and toddler having a discussion about dinner

After a long school year, no one can deny that a well-earned break is needed, not only for yourselves but your child or children. Why not make the most of this time you all have as a family, by savoring every moment with lots of fun and exciting activities to look forward to? This doesn’t have to be particularly expensive holiday abroad, maybe just a day trip or going to visit family. Both you and your family can go on fun adventures; like to the seaside down in Bournemouth or maybe just a trip down to your local park.  The excitement doesn’t just stop here, there are a countless number of ways you and your child can make the most of your summer.


What to do?


There’s a range of things you can get up to over the summer, from indoor activities to outdoor ones. For example, if you know your child is a particular fan of the outdoors, joining a summer camp for a week or two, or going camping as a family would be a great idea to allow yourselves and your children to experience the outside world over the summer. There are so many places available, why not try beaver scouts? This is available for ages six to eight years old. Not only experientially fulfilling but it helps children develop more social skills outside of the school environment and create new friendship circles which could last for life.

If your child prefers indoor activities there’s also a plethora of options to choose from. It could be going ice skating, going to a museum such as the Science or Natural History Museum in Kensington, or even a trampoline park such as Flip Out or Oxygen Free Jumping. Even taking advantage of the long sunny days by having a family and friends BBQ in the comfort of your own garden or taking the kids to a garden centre. Even on a rainy day, getting a board game out for the family such as monopoly, or a game of cards can be a great source of entertainment for the children and a bonding experience of the family.

East Finchley Community Festival

East Finchley community festival is an inclusive one-day festival in London N2. They rely on volunteers and the local community to donate. There is plenty of entertainment, from performances on the community stage from local schools and community groups, to live bands and a DJ on the main stage. Not only this but there are many activities for kids to get involved with such as: kids laser tag in the woods, basketball and tennis coaching in the woods, children’s arts and crafts and games.  East Finchley have been hosting this for the last forty-five years in Cherry Tree Wood.  This is a great opportunity for kids to interact with others and to take part in exciting activities that they might have never tried before. We will also have a ‘Slime’ stall there, don’t forget to stop by and join our free workshop! 😊

inTuition Clubs staff dressing up at the festival
inTuition clubs staff in front of stall


If your child shows a passion for sports, why not try sports camp? Sports camps are great for kids because they offer an outlet for children to develop athletic skills, create social bonds and learn to participate in team sports. This is also available to children who may have no experience in certain sports and so, if they’re up for it, there’s no harm in trying something new! Camp Beamont have 40 school locations available around London and the South East. They welcome kids from ages 3-16 years old who can take part in arts and crafts, sports or mindfulness and yoga. Their programs are designed to boost children’s social and intellectual development.

Rooftop East

Formerly an empty rooftop car park, Roof East is an open-air urban haven for those seeking great food, a classic film or to simply enjoy a drink whilst watching the sunset over the city and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Located in the heart of Stratford, opposite Stratford International Station and Westfield Shopping Centre, the park will play host to a wide variety of cultural events from plays to dance performances as well as family activities during the summer holidays.

At Rooftop East you can:

  • Play mini golf
  • Watch a film on a stunning rooftop
  • Pay in batting cages
  • Do lawn bowling

Pop corn tub in front of outdoor cinema screen

Backyard Cinema

Backyard Cinema takes amazing London venues and transforms them into immersive cinemas. From candlelit churches to cobbled Camden courtyards, they’ve turned corners of the city into a cinema seventh heaven. This is located in Wandsworth, South London.

Alexandra Palace

Situated between Wood Green and Muswell Hill in the London Borough of Haringey, Alexandra Palace has a huge ice rink, skatepark, children’s play area, boating lake, a lovely park and a stunning view of London. 

Make a bath bomb

How about making a homemade bath bomb for an easy kitchen project, on a rainy day? This can be used as a great gift or to even use to make bath times more fun.

There are a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, as well as creating bath bomb in different shapes. This indoor activity is the perfect way to help keep the children busy throughout the day.

Plant a herb garden

Another indoor activity that will teach the kids how to grow their own plants and food. These herbs are easy to grow and they also have fragrant leaves, which adds another interest to their curious minds.

Young girl holding a potted herb at home

Designing a puppet theatre

Instead of going out to watch a theatre show, how about making your very own puppet theatre? This is a cheap and easy way to help develop your child’s creativity by using simple materials such as an old cereal box. You can print off characters online and then get onto colouring or painting.

Joining a summer reading club

Perhaps your child could join a summer reading club nearby or at the local library. They could also create their own reading club at home and collect different books, read them, and then share their thoughts and reviews!

Hold a photoshoot

Grab all your favourite clothes and accessories and hold a fashion photoshoot! This will be a great way for your child to show off their fashion and creative skills – they can play with different outfits and poses and take pictures. Older children can then edit these photos and perhaps even make a collage out of them.

Go fishing

Grab that fishing line and head towards the nearest sea for a fantastic fishing time with family and friends!

Water guns

This one can get a bit messy and wet! Your child can buy water guns from any local fun activity toy store, fill it up with water and then aim to hit other people! This activity will last for hours on end, by continuously filling up the water gun with water.

Kite flying

Children can make their own kites at home and then having a flying competition with friends and family. This is a nice outdoor activity and saves a lot of boredom during the day.

Bike riding

Enjoy the summer weather by going to the park with your kids and friends for a bike ride. The kids will love the nice breeze as they ride through the park. Make sure to always wear a helmet or any other form of protection for possible injuries. Make sure to bring lots of water to stay hydrated!

Backyard stargazing

Finish off the nice hot summer day by stargazing with the kids and friends. The beautiful clear sky and nice weather give the kids the best chance for them to stargaze and relax in the backyard or field, while having a chat.

Go to local country fair

Kids love rides and games where they can win amazing prices, so why not go to your local county fair? Enjoy the thrilling rides and games with friends and loved ones, where they also see nice tasty food ranging from sweets to delicious fast food. This is also a great place for the kids to take great pictures to always remember what a magical day it was.

Water balloon fight

What kid wouldn’t want to feel refreshed on a hot and humid day. Well, a water balloon fight would be one of the best activities for kids to do in the summer. It’s fun and refreshing and is easy to organise as you only need a park or your backyard to host it!

Visit local library

Some kids like having a chilled and relaxed activity for the summer, and the library is the perfect place if the kids are book lovers. The library is the perfect place to bring your kids and let me immerse into the books.

Visit a water park

What a way to beat the scorching hot sun, then having a fun day out at a waterpark, where kids can enjoy fun rides and games, and make many memories with their friends and families.

Paint rocks

You can find rocks nearly everywhere you are, so why not let the kids have fun by painting rocks.

This is a fun activity for the kids to also help them with their craft and imagination, and the best part is that they can use the painted rocks as decoration around the house.

painted rocks on the beach

Paper plate horseshoes

Cutting off the outside of paper plates, have your kids paint them and toss them around a grounded paper towel roll! This is a great kids’ summer activity or game for a rainy day.

A day exploring museums

London offers plenty of free museums for your children to explore and enrich their minds. The British Museum alone has one of the largest and most comprehensive works dedicated to human history and culture. Spend the day exploring many artifacts from tribal Native American artifacts to ancient Egyptian mummies. You can also take your kids to the fantastic Science Museum. Your kids will love the amazing, interactive activities that they can have fun with! Your kids can also spend time in the Wonderlab where they can ignite their curiosity and learn to think like a scientist.

Family having a picnic

Picnic day

Have fun with your kids with a good old-fashioned picnic in Richmond Park. Relax and enjoy the sun with your children, as they explore the beautiful wildlife around them. Take a walk after lunch and see which hidden paths and colourful flowers you can find. You might even be lucky and spot the deer that are known to wander around the park!

Visit Platform 9 ¾

For all the parents with Harry Potter fans, make sure not to miss out on the chance to pose by the platform. Bring your wizard wand and have a fun experience with your kids, and if you have the chance, you can also book your family on the spell bounding Harry Potter walking tour and visit iconic London buildings and streets from the movies.

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