Effective Learning is linked to great teaching

Great teaching is at the heart of learning; our tutors strive to make classes fun, engaging and tailor them to their pupils’ needs. At inTuition Clubs, teachers come from various educational backgrounds. Some have a Master’s in Journalism, some have a bachelor’s in Biology and Chemistry, some come from an English literature degree.

This ensures our children are exposed to different lesson plans and cover different topics. While all in the national curriculum, these topics our tutors prepare for each class are far more interesting and engaging than the merely traditional ones, with the children, therefore, benefiting from a greater knowledge mix and cultural exposure.

Positive Teaching and better student performance

Our Teachers teach with passion: at all times aiming at supporting the children achieve their best performances while ensuring the learning environment is safe and fun, our classes always start with a fun game/ interactive content.

Why we use positive teaching and what it means

Our tutors are fond of ‘positive teaching’. Positive Teaching is about giving children lots of praise for good behaviour and keeping disapproval and reprimands to a minimum, to manage and shape behaviour, create a positive classroom culture and make sure lots of teaching and learning is done. It means our tutors, strive to positively encourage children and support them, guiding them through the tasks they find tricky with words of encouragement. More information on the positive teaching methodology can be found here

inTuition Clubs: modern and tailored tuition

inTuition Clubs tutors teach modern lessons, where engagement and positive learning are key elements; they put a strong emphasis on collaborative working and group interactions, as well as allowing time for independent learning. Our tutors tailor their classes to the children’s needs. They use children inputs to create activities for the classes. They choose topics and student materials that relate and are meaningful to the students’ lives and interests. 

Meet the inTuition Clubs Team

Meet our incredible pool of online tutors, while we also have in centre teachers, due to the current UK lockdown situation we are operating exclusively online! Learn more about our Key Stage 1 tuition and 11 Plus tuition services.

Have a read below on what our incredible tutors have to say about working at inTuition, what they love about online teaching and why you should book a free online taster session with us! 

1. Luke

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we started offering online tuition, how are you finding the transition from in centre tuition?

Luke: When I first started at inTuition Clubs, the sessions that tutors ran for the kids were held in the centre. This really helped to develop a sense of community, both for the staff and the students. However, the way that inTuition Clubs works has had to adapt to the changing world we’re in. As an in centre tutor, I quickly had to adapt to be able to teach online. The daily tutor meetings that are held by the staff leaders were very helpful to this transition, making me feel like I was still part of a community. 

How is the online programme working now compared to March and how are you finding tutoring online?

Luke: I’d say that the online programme has improved since lockdown shut our doors, which can already be seen in the rollout of two new platforms – allowing tutor’s to better organise lessons, and staff leaders to check the progress of students. Tutoring online is still a delight, and in fact, it calls for greater attention on the part of the tutor to ensure the kids are fully engaged. 

2. Sameen

Hi Sameen, tell us a little bit about yourself, how do you think children are responding to our online sessions?

Sameen: I have been working as a full-time Primary School Teacher who was looking for a part-time tutoring role. I have enjoyed tutoring pupils online. It is amazing to see how well children can manage technology and concentrate online. The one-to-one sessions have especially been beneficial for pupils’ understanding.

What is the general feedback you are receiving from parents on our online tuition?

Sameen: It is really good to hear from parents and pupils that the online inTuition lessons help them do better at school as well.

3. Vruti

Hi Vruti, when did you join inTuition Clubs, what is your education background?

Vruti: I started working with Intuition Club in August 2020, I am a Medical student and also a Biomedical Engineering graduate. I am multilingual: I can speak Gujarati, Hindi and English.- Vruti

You have experienced working in-centre last summer, how did you find transitioning back to online tuition only?

Vruti: Luckily in the summer, I had a chance to work in-centre and I loved working with the kids. The transition to go online was very smooth and organised.

Is there anything you look forward to most when we move back in- centre?

Vruti:I am excited to see the children enjoying their time in the Clubhouse.

Why do you love teaching and your favourite thing about working at inTuition Clubs?

Vruti: I am passionate about helping and teaching younger students in English, Maths and Science. All the staff members at inTuition Clubs are very friendly and approachable, so makes it a pleasant environment to work in. am excited to see the children enjoying their time in the Clubhouse.

4. Charmaine

Hi Charmaine, since you have started, how has the online teaching changed at inTuition Clubs and what do you enjoy the most about it?

Charmaine: I have started last June, and since then new CRM programmes have been implemented such as Connect Comms which help us track child progression easily as has improved our internal communication. I especially enjoy one on one and the small group teaching as this makes a great impact.

5. Online Tutor

Hi, what are your thoughts on our online and in centre programmes? Was it hard to move online only for the time being?

Tutor: I like both in centre and online are good experience, it was also not such a big transition moving from in centre teaching to online. 

Is there anything you miss about working in-centre? Hopefully, we will be able to reopen our in-centre programmes sometime soon.

Tutor: It’s nice to also have a face to face interaction with the children instead of via laptop and also have the opportunity of playing educational games in a non-virtual setting.

Could you highlight any things which come to mind that make working here special?

Tutor: inTuition Clubs is different from other tuition centres I worked for because we are paid for class preparation before each session. We have the time to create specifically tailored educational material to each child and effectively help them with their knowledge gaps as well as logging their progress and act on consolidating what we teach them.

6. Winnie

When did you start working for inTuition Clubs?

Winnie: I started working at inTuition two years ago and a lot has changed; from the introduction to the 11+ and Science to how the rooms were set up to how we deliver the now online sessions. All the changes that have been made have allowed us to adapt to the ever-changing world and circumstances that we are now in! 

What do you miss about in centre teaching?

Winnie: The thing I am looking forward to most when we get back into the centre is the face to face contact and support we can give the kids and be able to work in a team again

What is your favourite thing about working at inTuition?

Winnie: One of my favourite aspects of tutoring is when a child really connects and engages with what you are teaching them! That is a very rewarding experience!

Free Taster Session

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our amazing online tutors’ team and we hope you have a better understanding of what we are about, our team ethos and our effective way of teaching. We always offer a free taster session if you want to try one of our online tuition memberships! Get in touch with us, it’s free. 

The one-to-one taster sessions take approximately 60 minutes. Our Educational Lead will complete an initial in-depth assessment and observation with your child to get a sense of their current educational progress and learning style. This part of the taster session takes around 50 minutes. The remaining time is spent providing detailed feedback to parents. We can answer any outstanding questions, discuss the next steps, activate your membership and book your child’s first tuition session. 

Our Ethos

Our ethos is rooted in fuelling your child’s ambition and learning aspirations to develop a consistent ‘desire for continuous learning’. We do this through praise-based, blended learning where your child will be challenged, recognised and rewarded, as well as having great fun in our sessions.

Our Online English Maths and Science Tuition Memberships

At inTuition Clubs, we offer modern and affordable tuition membership for children in primary school, aged 3-11. We offer:

Small group membership

1 to 3 children maximum in a group. It comes into two different types, you can either choose 4 sessions of 1 hour per month or 8 sessions of 1 hour per month. Subjects taught are Maths, English and Science

One on One membership

It provides individual teaching, and it is designed for children who prefer an individual learning style. This membership consists of 8 sessions of 1 hour per month, all with an individual tutor.

Our 11 Plus Programme

11 Plus Exam Preparation

We know how challenging 11 Plus exams can be and we want your child to be confident and succeed with their grammar school application.

For this reason, we have created a special programme tailored to support children wanting to undertake their 11 Plus Exam.

The 11 Plus Tuition membership

Our 11 Plus membership includes Verbal, Non Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, children will be encouraged to practice on exam papers and our teachers will guide them through topics they will find in the examination and best practice exam techniques. 8 online sessions of one hour are included in the programme and classes are taught in small groups (of a maximum of three children).

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