World Book Day – A Day to Celebrate
March 12, 2021
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Reading is an integral part of how a child learns and it allows them to use their imagination, which is a crucial part of developing. Therefore, when World Book Day comes along, it’s important that they are encouraged to embrace it, recognise it and indulge in some of their favourite books.

What Makes World Book Day so Special?

Since 1997 World Book Day has been celebrated in the UK and it’s a day that highlights just how important books are in the life of a child. Reading books provides children with the opportunity to learn, engage and enjoy the escapism that they offer. However, World Book Day now gives children the opportunity to take advantage of a £1 token that allows them to purchase a book for £1. With this, they can explore another new book and further their learning.

In a digital world, it is now more important than ever before to embrace the importance of reading.

Reading Provides Pleasure for Children

With every turn of the page, children can control how they engage with a book and the story it tells. They get the chance to immerse themselves in every page and with that comes the chance for them to believe every single word.

Even spending just 10 minutes per day reading can have a significant impact on their development and those who do read are more likely to become successful later in life. So, by reading, they have the potential to take control of their future in a way that people might not realise, and this is where World Book Day can play a pivotal role in how children and parents perceive reading and its importance.

Whether it’s the story, the characters or the way in which a book enables a child to drift away, reading is hugely influential and is something that should be encouraged.

10 book ideas for children 

Slime A fantastical Funny Tale by David Walliams, Illustrated by Tony Ross

Slime is set on the Isle of Mulch, where many awful adults live, their best hobby is to make children feel miserable. Aunt Greta, Greed  the owner of the island is the most awful of all! Something has to change and Ned who has lived on the island all of his life, discovers Slime, can slimepower be the solution to all the children’s problems? Slime is an action filled novel where Ned is the hero, it is a fantastical adventure!

Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure by Jeff Kinney

This book is a big adventure! Team up with Roland and his best friend, Garg the Barbarian, as they quit their village with the mission to save Roland’s mother from the White Warlock. Do you think our heroes will succeed?

The Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson

Love conquers all and, Janet and Bill are able to bring their blue and red families together and celebrate the birth of their purple baby too! This story celebrates family love and friendship, reminds us to embrace our differences and find common ground.

Draw with Rob by Rob Biddulph

The viral phenomenon #DrawWithRob is now an activity book for you to draw with Rob at home! As seen everywhere on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, TV, and more, from the creative genius and bestselling author Rob Biddulph! Winner of the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards ‘Book of the Year’ 2020! 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End by Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley and his family have been living in his grandmother’s basement for two months (due to the events in Wrecking Ball), and they are beginning to go stir crazy. The Heffleys cannot afford an expensive vacation, but they discuss possible family vacations that they would be able to afford. Unable to reach a decision, Greg’s family receives a call from his great grandmother, asking them to take his uncle’s camper out of her driveway. The family realizes that they can vacation in the camper, and not have to spend money at restaurants and hotels.

When Stars Are Scattered by Omar Mohamed and Victoria Jamieson

Heartbreak, hope and gentle humour are characteristics of this graphic novel about growing up in a refugee camp, as told by a Somali refugee. Omar and his younger brother, Hassan, have spent most of their lives in Dadaab, a refugee camp in Kenya. Life is very difficult there: never enough food, achingly dull, and without access to the medical care Omar knows his nonverbal brother needs. So, when Omar has the opportunity to go to school, he knows it might be a chance to change their future life … but it would also mean leaving his brother, the only family member he has left, every day.

The Ickabog by J. K. Rowling

A fabulously imagined fairy-tale about scary monsters, wicked courtiers, and resourceful children, with illustrations submitted by kids! The kingdom of Cornucopia was once the happiest place in the world, filled with gold, butchers, bakers, cheesemongers, everything was perfect except for the misty Marshlands which, according to popular belief, were home to the monstrous Ickabog.

Prairie Lotus by Linda Sue Park

In this compelling, emotionally engaging novel set in 1880, a half-Chinese girl and her white father try to make a home in Dakota Territory, in the face of racism and resistance to change. Prairie Lotus is a powerful, touching, multi-layered book about a girl determined to fit in and realize her dreams: getting an education, becoming a dressmaker in her father’s shop, and making at least one friend.

You Matter by Christian Robinson

They All Saw a Cat meets The Important Book in this sensitive and impactful picture book about seeing the world from different points of view by Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Honoree Christian Robinson. In this full, bright, and beautiful picture book, many different perspectives around the world are cleverly and empathetically explored—from a pair of bird-watchers to the pigeons they’re feeding. Young readers will be drawn into the luminous illustrations inviting them to engage with the world in a new way and see how everyone is connected, and that everyone matters.

If You Come to Earth by Sophie Blackall

If You Come to Earth is a glorious guide to our home planet, and a call for us to take care of both Earth and each other. This stunning book is inspired by the thousands of children Sophie Blackall has met during her travels around the world in support of UNICEF and Save the Children. An engaging storybook about a single curious and imaginative child, simultaneously funny and touching that carries a clear message about the need to care for the earth and each other.

It’s About Bringing People Together

Through celebrating World Book Day, it’s possible for parents and teachers to come together to help children enjoy their favourite books.

Parents and Teachers can help children to understand the meaning of their book and who created it by watching a collection of videos from authors and illustrators. The children will love learning more about their favourite stories and understanding who created their book, it will allow them to form a stronger connection with it.

Encouraging children to talk about their favourite books is also a great way of inspiring them to appreciate what they read. They’ll love sharing what makes them smile in their favourite book or what they love about the characters. Furthermore, it’s common to get dressed up too, giving children the opportunity to spend the day as their favourite character from a book.

All of this becomes integral in the development of a child and by using this one day to inspire will have a huge influence on how children perceive books. Furthermore, with a huge range of books available, there is no limit on how much they can learn!

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