The inTuition Early Years Programme is a fun, educational and affordable initiative providing sessions for children aged 30 months – 60 months.

Early Years Programme?

Our aim is to develop children’s literacy, numeracy and foundational skills through a wide variety of interactive activities in our centre. Our programme will guide children through the EYFS curriculum, while building soft skills and ensuring that they are fully equipped with the necessary skills to start Reception.

inTuition Clubs’ Programme is designed to fuel your child’s ambition and develop a consistent ‘desire for continuous learning’.

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it works

Our Early Years Programme is broken down into 45 milestones per academic year which is spread across three terms: Autumn, Spring, and Summer. In each term we set the target of 15 milestones centred around Language and Communication, Educational Development and Understanding and Expression.

Early Years Step 1 - book your session

Contact us to book your session held Monday – Friday between 13:00 and 14:00 

Early Years Step 2 - attend your session as part of a small group

Come to inTuition Clubs for your session held in small groups of maximum three children

Early Years Step 3 - learn and have fun with a qualified tutor

Have a fun and educational session with one of our Early Years Leaders, all of whom are experienced, qualified and passionate about education

To book your free session please below

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