How our tuition works

Book a free taster.  Attend and get a professional assessment. Discuss a plan and programme to suit your child. Monitor progress and results.

Algo the Octopus
Algo the Octopus
1.Let's determine your goals

Let's determine your goals

An evaluation is carried out to ensure your child’s progress plan is tailored to their needs and ambitions.

2.Let's grow together

Let's grow together

Examples include regular interactive sessions, incentives including prizes, the EdPlace online learning platform, and much more.

3.Let's talk about progress

Let's talk about progress

We offer written online reports that can be accessed after each class and face-to-face feedback after in centre sessions. You can request meetings to discuss progress at any time.

Getting started with inTuition Clubs

Your free taster session

The one-to-one taster sessions take approximately 60 minutes.

Our Educational Lead will complete an initial in-depth assessment and observation with your child to get a sense of their current educational progress and learning style. This part of the taster session takes around 50 minutes.

The remaining time is spent providing detailed feedback to parents. We can answer any outstanding questions, discuss the next steps, activate your membership and book your child’s first tuition session.

Kids during tuition

Our North London centre

Our tuition club provides an all-round experience, focusing on both academic and non-academic skills. This fun space, full of activities, is designed to challenge and develop:

  • adaptive thinking
  • communication skills
  • social skills
  • collaboration skills
  • critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • creativity

Keeping children engaged while subtly learning new skills – a great way to make new friends. At the end of each tuition session, children spend approximately 15 minutes in the clubhouse.

894 High Road, North Finchley, London, N12 9RH

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Arrange a free taster

Fill in the form. Book a date. Grow with us.