Centre-Based Private
English and Maths
Tuition in North Finchley

Boost your child’s confidence and development. Help them embrace their curiosity and reach their full potential.

Tailored to children aged 5 to 11, our private centre-based tuition starts with a free taster session. Enter your details below, and we’ll contact you to arrange it.

How it works

supportive one-on-one tutor

1. Your child’s learning journey starts with a fun, free informal assessment at our modern learning centre. Our top tutors will use leading education technology to benchmark your child’s current progress.

2. Your child’s learning skills are developed through our small group tuition sessions, ending with an educational and engaging game in our clubhouse.

3. Every tuition session is tailored to your child and embraces a blended approach to learning.

4. Children are regularly recognised and rewarded for their progress. While we update you with daily reports and termly progression meetings.

Your Taster Session

The full session lasts around 75 minutes. Parents stay in the centre during this time, and we make sure we have time for both you and your child.

For the first 30 minutes, while your child is engaged in learning, one of our lead tutors completes an initial assessment. Observing your child to get a good sense of their learning style and education process. This is to make sure we meet your child’s needs.

Afterwards they get a chance to experience a regular session at the club. Joining a small tuition group of no more than 5 other children for the second 30 minutes.

11 year olds at inTuition Clubs

When the session ends, your child gets to have some fun in the clubhouse. Playing educational games and making new friends. 

private tuition centre in North London

This gives us time to answer any questions you might have, talk about what you’d like moving forward, explain the membership packages available and hopefully book your child’s first tuition session.

Sign-up now and we’ll contact you for your free session.