inTuition clubs provide a purpose built learning environment designed to support and inspire our students in progressing and achieving the results they desire, building on their school based learning in numeracy and literacy.


Our values are curiosity, creativity, passion for learning, positivity, understanding, recognition and fun!


Our clubhouse provides an all-round experience, focusing on both academic and non-academic skills.  This fun space, full of activities, is designed to challenge and develop:

  • Adaptive thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Socials skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity

Keeping children engaged while subtly learning new skills – great way to make new friends!

At the end of each tuition session, children spend approximately 15 minutes in the clubhouse.

How it Works…

It starts with a free, fun taster session at our modern learning centre.

If all goes well, and everyone is happy, we’ll get your membership set up.

Session one starts with an informal assessment providing us with a benchmark of your child’s current progress.

Regular Tuition sessions (up to 6 per month) are then tailored to suit your child’s specific needs.

Tuition sessions are 75-minutes on a small group basis and end with time in our fun clubhouse.

Regular recognition rewards for children and monthly progress reports to parents are provided.

Free Taster Session

To sign up for a free taster session for your child, please complete this short form and we’ll get back to you soon!